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January 10th, 2012

What would Emily say about cyber bullying?

What would Emily say about cyber bullying?

by Maureen

image credit:  Emily Dickinson Library

Scout Moderation is based near Amherst, Massachusetts, birthplace of poet, Emily Dickinson.  At Scout, we are committed to keeping the online conversation civil.  We wonder, what would Emily Dickinson say about using the social network to hurt and bully?  Knowing the power of words to hurt, she once wrote, “We bruise each other less in talking than in writing”.

Emily lived as a recluse for most of her adult life because of a mysterious disorder.  It is speculated that she may have locked herself away from life because she suffered from PTSD or some kind of social anxiety.  From her home in Amherst, Emily carried out her epistolary relationships and sent her poems as holiday notes or birthday cards.  If she were alive today, she would most likely love the positive aspects of social networking; the ability to tweet a poem or post status updates on her Facebook page.


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